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Originally, I wanted a new set of headlights for my car then I found out it was going to cost me $500+ for the pair....no, thank you. So, I looked into restoring them. I've seen what the restoration does to the overall look of your car any my car needed it! I found a couple places but their locations were inconvenient for me and cost was at $100+. Fortunately, I came across an ad that was affordable and the service comes to you. I looked over their different packages and picked the one that fit my budget. I called to set the appointment. The tech that came out was a friendly professional and the service time spend on my headlights was quicker than i thought it'd be. The result in two words... like new! I'm absolutely thrilled i got a great deal! Definitely recommend!"

-Ti N. - Long Beach

-"I can't believe how my new headlights look now! I highly recommend anyone that has yellow or foggy headlights to restore them. I wish i found you years ago. I could not take how horrible my headlights looked before! Thanks and i will pass your number to my friend with the same yellow headlights"

-Shannon H. - Long Beach

"Thank u so much! best $ i spent spent on my truck truck thanks to u! I can't believe i was looking for new headlights. Ur service was easy and professional. I will recommend your service! well worth the money!"

-Rosa T - Long Beach




Why do headlights turn Yellow?

Once upon a time, headlights were made of glass. Then auto makers decided to make headlights out of molded polycarbonate plastic. Plastic was easier and cheaper for automakers to mold into different shapes however, plastic is known to oxidize! In the same way that iron rusts, and human cells age, oxidation makes plastic deteriorate. Certain conditions accelerate oxidation including UV exposure, pollution, dirt, rain, sap, snow and wear from just driving


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